Workshops & Couples Intensives

Couples Intensives
Erotic Workshops for Couples

These are personalized, education-based workshops for you and your partner with the goal of enhancing pleasure, satisfaction, and fun in your physical relationship.  It also creates the opportunity to further develop your sexual communication skills with one another. This workshop utilizes lessons, recommendations, and feedback that are adapted to your specific needs and goals as a couple.  Prior to the workshop, you will be sent a brief survey that allows you to choose the topics and areas that you would like to focus on during your time. Dependent on your needs and goals as a couple, workshops can be requested from 2 to 6 hours.

Couples in Crisis Intensives

There are times in even the strongest of partnerships that we can find ourselves in crisis or need.  These couples’ intensives are for partners who may need increased time and space to intervene on a pressing relational concern or issue.  They can be a good fit when traditional couples’ therapy is either unavailable or may not be intensive enough to meet the level of care necessary.

Couples in Crisis intensives can also be an effective way to jump-start future therapeutic work. Current or ongoing therapy is not required to take part in a Couples in Crisis Intensive; it can both be used as a stand-alone intervention or as a supplement to couples therapy services.  Couples in Crisis Intensives are offered from 4 to 12 hours (split over the course of 2-3 days, case and schedule dependent).

Professional Workshops
For Health Care Professionals

I regularly train and speak with other health care professionals about how to increase their competency in speaking and working with others regarding their sexual health.  I regularly provide workshops with other providers across a number of sexual health and gender-based topics.  Below are examples of past workshops and trainings I have offered.  Please contact me to discuss trainings or workshops that may be valuable to you and your professional team.

  • Integrating Conversations About Sex & Sexuality into Your Practice
  • Persevering Through Pleasure: Helping Others Navigate Sex & Intimacy Following Traumatic Experiences
  • Understanding Consensual Non-Monogamy:  A Starter Kit for Professionals
  • The Stuff You’ve Been Too Embarrassed to Ask: Terminology, Definitions, and Language Associated with Sexual and Gender Diversity
  • Navigating Gender Dysphoria and Gender Diversity in a Clinical Setting: An Introduction
Group & Community Based Workshops
Sexual Health Workshop

This is a group-based workshop and focuses on what it looks like to build a sense of sexual health that works for you. We can often find ourselves struggling to meet certain sets of expectations for “healthy sexuality.”  This workshop focuses on the importance of coming up with a model of sexual health that feels pleasurable, responsible, and sustainable for you and exists from a position of authenticity versus outside expectation.  Time will be given to creating alternative ideas of what sexual health might look like for you and those you may choose to share it with.  Common misconceptions about what constitutes “normal” sexuality and sexual behavior will be discussed.

This workshop will also focus on strategies for identifying and communicating your sexual needs with others, including skills for navigating conflict or struggles that may arise in the process of seeking sexual authenticity.  Significant time will be provided for questions and related dialogue.  Please contact me directly to discuss how to bring a sexual health workshop to you and your community.  

Getting started

Please contact me directly to discuss how to bring a sexual health workshop to you and your community.